My Name: Lynnsey Galene Horton

The name I like: Indy

Author, Creator, Life Coach

My name is Lynnsey Horton. I am a young woman, and a daughter of God. I believe that I have been tasked with the collecting and sharing of true testaments towards the Lord, and moments that truly glorify him. I have not been doing this for long. I was spoken my purpose on June 1st, 2020. My goal is to speak to those of you who would like to share a miracles, happening, dream, visit, tragedy that led to finding God, or any other supernatural/unexplained experience. I want to record your testimony, and I want to interview you about it. I then want to share it via this site, and other venture avenues. Please, if you feel the need to share, do not hesitate. I am here to talk things out, try to help you understand, and to comb your story into those of others in hopes of inspiring faith, unity and community support in this current world.


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